More About Pest Control Memphis

There are so many pests around us that can cause serious and deadly health hazards. Not only heath problems, pets can cause so many annoying troubles in resources and production. So, it’s essential to control them in order to maintain a healthy productive environment.

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The most important reason why pest should be controlled and eliminated is health. There are so many hazardous diseases where pests are major parts of; dysentery, salmonella, gastroenteritis, Hantavirus infections, respiratory diseases, Leptospirosis, and West Nile Virus infections. These health troubles are the most common health issues carried or caused by pests. They could be deadly if not managed early. A better solution would be preventing them in the first place through controlling pests.

Other problems include industrial and structural damages. These damages are found in agriculture, food industry, and wooden structures.

Common pests around us

· Termites; they are wood eaters. They can damage you home structures and furniture.

· Mosquitoes; they are more common in areas with standing water during summer and spring. They feed on human blood and transmit deadly diseases such as; Malaria, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis, and Heartworm.

· Bees and Wasps; some people are allergic to their bites; a tiny sting can lead to anaphylactic shock and death.

· Ants; the can invade your house looking for food. They contaminate any food they find. The bite is irritating and may be serious in case of fire ants.

· Flea; they cause dermal health issues such as itching and sores. They can also transmit typhus and tapeworm.

· Ticks; they cause fever and encephalitis. They can also carry diseases to your pets.

· Flies; they are the most common pests. They are attracted to dirty and contaminated things, carry bacteria and germs, and then transmit them to our food which leads to different diseases.


There are so many ways to control pests. The best solution is to hire professionals to take care of that issue for you.

One of the best companies in dealing with pests is All-State Pest And Lawn Company. They have great strategies to control pests. They offer lawn care and maintenance, landscaping, termite and rodent control, bed bug control, and irrigation solutions. You can hire and pay them online.

The All-States Pest and Lawn is the best because they follow their professional strategies in the process of controlling pests in all kinds of places. They always make sure that they fully eradicate all kinds of pests from your house using the safest methods with no worries about any toxic chemicals or materials left behind. They also make sure that they have applied all of the preventive measures available to prevent any recurrence. Before they leave, the make sure that they have educated you very well in order to keep your place clean and healthy. Above all that is the timing. They arrive, do the what needs to be done, and leave in no time, so there no need to think that you may want to leave your place for a while or something.